2011 Commemorative Angel Baseball

Hey guys,

The 2011 season for the Angels will be the 50th year. As a result, there is a special Commemorative ball. 
(If you wanna see if you can catch one yourself, CLOSE YOUR EYES AND DON’T LOOK AT THE PIC :)
I like the logo, its nice and way better than some other’s i’ve seen, COUGH Citi field COUGH. 

I’m excited, As you can see here, I thought there was no chance of getting a commemorative ball this year. 
Anyone else gonna take a stab at the newest ball?
P.S Got the information and link at Matt’s Blog.
Thanks for reading,

Playoffs, Predictions and Baseball Cards

Its weird in Southern California right now, with no playoffs, and only the Giants in the playoffs. (I can’t believe I just got that sentence right) Congratulations to Roy Halladay on his no-hitter vs. the Reds.

Here are my predictions

Reds vs. Phillies = Phillies win

Giants vs. Braves = Braves win

Braves vs. Phillies = Phillies win


Twins vs. Yankees = Yankees win

Rangers vs. Rays = Rangers win

Rangers vs. Yankees = Yankees win


Yankees vs. Phillies (again *groan*)

Yankees win the Championship

Who I am rooting for = Rangers and Braves


In other words, I just received TWO baseball cards in the mail from a website called swagbucks. The really cool thing is that when I ordered them from the site, I picked the player from the players they had, but they would ship a card at random, meaning i wouldn’t know the year.

So hear we go:

Ryan Bruan card:


DSCN0885.JPGI think this card is really nice. I believe its a 2009 All-Star Game Edition Ryan Bruan Card.

Hanley Ramirez:


DSCN0889.JPGThis is also a new, up to date card which I’m glad of, because since it was at random, I was think I might get a old card.

Thats all for today.

Update: I won’t start picking games until the promotional schedule is out so I know what days to avoid.

Thanks for reading,


How I afford to go to games

Usually when I got to a game, all the necessities: parking, tickets, etc. add up to about $40 dollars. So how do I afford it? Well I use a site called Gifts4points to make money. Its where u do offers and stuff to get money. If u wanna sign up, here’s the link: http://www.gifts4points.com/home?ref=airwalker612

Thank you



2011 Schedules!

2011 schedules have been released! Time Out: Now I’ve been hoping the angels would play the marlins so I could try for one of their commerative baseballs. But, the angels go to florida to play, so no commerative ball for me. Time In:

I”m going to start scheduling games; Definetly an angel game, maybe a dodger game and probably, for the first time, a PADRE GAME!!!!!!!!

Which Road Trip Will It Be?

UPDATE: My family is going to LAKE TAHOE so there will indeed be no more baseball games for me this year unless we take a suprise trip or something.

But keep reading, because i plan on having a few more entries throughout the year. Thanks!


There is a 50% chance that this will happen because we still need to do some things for this to fall in place but…………

This labor day weekend, September 4th, 5th and 6th. My family is going to San Francisco, where we will check out Stanford and Berkely (the colleges). Berkely is in well, Berkely. Stanford is in San Jose. So we will be traveling around a little bit:

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go here:

at&t park.jpg
because the Giants will be at Dodger Stadium. Just my luck…

But…… I might get in a game here:

but there all day games so it all depends on if I have time

Remeber this is a 50-50 chance.


This is the back up plan though:

That’s right, we’re definetly going on vacation, better yet Monday is Padres vs. Dodgers!! Boo-yah!!!

P.s None of these pics are mine

8/21/10 Meeting Jonathan Broxton

At about 10:45, I arrived to At&t in Pasadena:

There was about 100 people already in front of me. The line started and went all the way around the building, Luckly, it was all shade. I was kind of afraid that I wouldn’t get in, but Big Jon signs really fast and dosen’t talk so I think I would make it. I talked to the people behind me, got my entry ticket and then went to go sell the extra beach towel I got at a Dodger game. surprisingly, I only had to ask 5 people before someone bought it.

There was a guy coming down with Big Jon bobbleheads for $15 each and sold about 15 of them. I’m seriously thinking of doing that next year.

Anyway, since I wasn’t near the front, I didn’t see Jonathen go in. But I heard he was late, when the line started moving. It was hot, even in the shade (which was very great). KABC was giving out free water. Ahhhh, refreshing:

DSCN0522.JPGIn about 20 minutes we turned the corner. In about 15 more minutes, I was here: (circled in blue)

DSCN0524 edited.jpgI was pretty excited that I was close by:

DSCN0525.JPGWhen I got in, the workers said to have no individual pictures, WHATTTT…., I got ********** and was planning how to try to get a picture:

DSCN0528.JPGHere’s the freaking result:

DSCN0529.JPGOh well, this is what I got autographed:

DSCN0533.JPGThanks KABC and At&t for the event, I pretty much done this year. I waited about 1 hour for a autograph once he started signing. Which is really suprising, because Big Jon has had 3 other appearances this year.

P.S Furcal’s event had 300 people on the VIP List so I definitely wouldn’t have made it, plus he got replaced by Kemp.

8/18/10 Dodger Stadium

My dad and I arrived at Dodger Stadium at 4:10, parked on the street, and snuck into Dodger Stadium early:

DSCN0415.JPGThis was the view I had:

DSCN0423.JPGAbout 10 minutes later, they closed the gate so I went to wait in line. About 40 minutes later, they opened the gate. I started searching the Mannywood section for easter eggs as my dad WALKED over to the Baseline box seats and found one. I mean, I sprinted in, was the first one there and my dad just walked all the way and he found the easter egg. Darn! (and I guess I got lazy…)

I went over to where you can go on the field:

DSCN0428.JPGI there got James Loney’s autograph and a picture with Juan Castro. (sorry for the eyes.)


RSCN0512.JPGI went over to right field when they opened and asked Joe Beimel for a ball:

DSCN0448.JPG He ignored me. Mr. Jim Wright went into the bullpen and I got my picture with him:

DSCN0463.JPG  He then proceded to toss me Ball #1:

DSCN0464.JPG(Do you see the ball?) Its above the lady in Ethier 16 and its on the bleacher beach sign. (Click to enlarge)

I then went over to the dugouts and waited. Joe Biemel went in and I said “Hi Joe”. He waved and then went into the dugout, I turned around and started walking when I heard a whistle and my dad said “turn around!” I turned around to see Joe holding a ball for me and then tossing it to me for Ball #2. I think he remembered me from when he was warming up.

When BP ended, Jim Wright had yet another ball in his hands, he tossed to a kid to 2 seats down from me but it flew into the 3rd row and landed in a seat. I quickly sprinted because a another boy was running from the other direction and used my barehand to reach for the ball. But he was reaching for the ball at the same time. I jumped a little and my hand landed on the ball and his hand landed on my hand. That was Ball #3. That was 2 balls from Coach Wright. (can’t upload the video because it’s to large)

We would then head over to the dodger bullpen where I would get Carlos Monasterios to sign my picture. (can’t upload the video because its to large)

A security guard started walking to me holding out a ball. I quickly turned around and grabbed my glove. I turned around and saw the ball wasn’t in the Security guard’s hand, but my Dad. I guess he assumed my dad would give it to me. But, like all ballhawks know, since my dad touched it first, I can’t count it in my collection. But, I forgive him. (Even though he had just got 2 balls without trying.)

On to the game, I was ready for a home run to come flying my way: (Ok, for some weird reason, my pictures are gone?!?!)

The view to my left:

DSCN0488.JPGThe view to my right: (gone…)

Unfortunately, nothing came my way.

The Dodgers lost 3-2 in the 10th inning when “tulo” threw out Reed Johnson at home plate.

Here are today’s balls:



Note the 3 different kinds of Practice labels.

Here are some pictures.

Kuroda warming up:





Upcoming Events and Games

On August 18th, I plan on heading to Dodger Stadium for my final game of the season:


P8092478.JPGOn August 21st, I plan on going to Jonathen Broxten’s signing and then driving over to Rafeal Furcal’s signing. 

         Furcal              Broxten              

  Player Image

8/4/10 Dodger Stadium

I left my house at 4:00 and got to the Dodger Stadium at around 4:45. We found a parking space on the street and walked to Dodger Stadium. When we reached there, my dad and I, he said lets take a picture. He turned on the camera and the battery was dead. Crap!

When the gates opened, I found the field level gate 5 minutes later, received my beach towel and ran in. BP was dead, there wasn’t even one homer to the “mannywood” seats. Now let me give you some reasons why Dodger Stadium sucks for ballhawking:

  • The parking situation which most of you know about.
  • The rest of the stadium wasn’t open and wouldn’t open for another 20 minutes. (By the time the stadium was open, the Padres were done throwing)
  • Throughout the whole sideline, there are baseline box seats that no one can go in unless you have tickets
  • So, everyone crowds around the foul line
  • In front of the dugouts, there is a huge gaps,so a player literally has to toss anything about 10 feet. Now a ball is OK, but there are no chances of getting a extra like a batting glove.
  • I could go on and on and on.

Mat Latos completely ignored me and everyone else, even though i was the only one in Padres gear (hat). Then I noticed the right field foul lines were open so I raced through the seats.

I was watching Chris Young throw in the bullpen when I saw Heath Bell. I yelled ” Hey Heath, I know Zack!” He said back “I know him to”,”So how you know him?”. And I replied “From his blog, he says a lot of great things about you”. Heath is a awesome guy. He signed for everyone that asked for an autograph.

The Padres weren’t throwing anything, there were no homers either. So I went next to the dugouts, where I yelled to Bud Black, he was catching first base for infield practice, ” Hey skipper, could I get a ball please?” and he acknologed me, later once BP was over, he looked at me and tossed me a ball. But it was falling short! I leaned over, full extension and the ball hit the last row of seats and landed right in my glove! That was Ball #1 for the day.

Then the players came off the field, there was one player who had a ball that was looking to throw, a little kid already got one. The rest were dodger fans, teenagers and above. I ran into the first row, stuck my glove up and he tossed it to me for Ball #2. Then a teenager next to me was like “Cmon, you got two!”. I just walked away.

The game was great, Vicente Padilla took a no-hitter into the 7th. Dodgers won 9-0.

I snuck into the first row right over the umpire tunnel. It was a perfect place, but Noooo, the usher in the dugout club got all the kids together right in front of it so all the kids in the dugout club got the umpire balls.

My dad and I left probably our last game of the season.



7/9/10 Meeting Carlos Monasterios

This wasn’t a baseball game, but rather a chance to meet a player from the Dodgers. It was about 10 miles from my home so my Dad dropped me off at Kragen Auto Parts at 10:30. There weren’t many people in line, about 25.

As soon as I left the car, I spotted a Dodger fan named Linda who writes this blog: http://fallingleaves02.mlblogs.com. We chatted for about 10 miniutes and then stopped because it was HOT!!! The event was scheduled for 12:00-1:00. Around 10:45, Roberto, author of http://www.vinscullyismyhomeboy.com, arrived. I introduced myself and went back in line.

Around 11:00, the Dodger ticket truck appeared:


With it, came the “Throw it to Russel Martin” pitching inflatable:

DSCN0140.JPGI won a couple of key chain from throwing it in the glove.

At around 11:50, Monasterios showed up with some of his family/friends:

DSCN0141.JPGHere he is walking into Kragen:

DSCN0142.JPGAt around 12:05, I was in the store and gave him a ball to sign:

DSCN0143.JPGThen I got my picture with him:

DSCN0144.JPGI walked around the plaza after that because my dad wouldn’t be picking me up until 1:30. About 45 minutes later, I got back in line. There were only about 10 people left. 

Monasterios signed one of the Dodger cards for me. Then I got another picture:

DSCN0145.JPGI really enjoyed this event. It was handled very good by employees of both the Dodgers and Kragen Auto Parts.

A recap of what I got: (Note: I got a lot more key chains and wristbands.)



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